Ripper book featured in Mirror

Originally posted on 17 7 17

This is a double-page spread devoted to The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper that was featured in the Daily Mirror.

The early reviews on Amazon were also encouraging, including this one from an Amazon Top 500 reviewer: ‘This new book, which caught my eye on a supermarket shelf yesterday via it’s excellent front cover, gave me what I can only describe as a complete account of these terrible happenings, and true crime buffs are in for a real treat. Author Robin Jarossi has done his research very well, drawing from the original case files, reading all of the contemporary news items that were published in the newspapers, as well as every other book that has written about the “60’s Ripper”, not to mention actually conducting fresh interviews with several reporters from the era, as well as some of today’s police experts.’

Crime Scene in Acton where the body of Bridget O’Hara was found in 1965. Mirrorpix

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