favourite writers

David Hewson Crime author who is also interesting on the craft of writing and tools such as Scrivener and Ulysses

Adrian McKinty Terrific crime writer with a fascinating, eclectic blog about everything from TV and films to writing and music


Andrew Crofts

Mark McCrum

Representing writers

Society of Authors Comprehensive array of support and advice

National Union of Journalists Advice, support, training, events


Mirror Books Looking for new submissions


Nick Davies Guardian journo and author of some terrific books, including Hack Attack

Jon Slattery Freelance journalist with a keen eye on the press


Ulysses Writing app I’m using at the moment

Scrivener 2 Another one, and if they ever get working across devices on the cloud it will be the wonder of the age


Crime Writers’ Association Celebrating crime fiction and non-fiction

CrimeFest Hugely enjoyable annual meet-up in Bristol – much of it spent round the bar