Final day shooting on Dark Son

Ebenezer Baptist Church Centre

Originally posted on 2 9 18

Last Tuesday saw the conclusion of evidence being presented and filmed for Dark Son, the forthcoming BBC documentary about 1960s serial killer Jack the Stripper.

It a was a big day’s filming: for me 12 hours long, but for the Monster Films’ team much longer.

I was interviewed in the morning and was later on hand for a long session of afternoon-evening filming. Fascinating research from contributors, former police officers and others was explored.

It was a brilliant day. It was also a treat to be again working alongside criminologist Prof David Wilson and ex-detective Jackie Malton. David Howard (director) and Rik Hall (producer) from Monster ran the production calmly and superbly.

The venue was the Ebenezer Baptist Church Centre in Abertillery, Wales. The significance of the setting will become clear when the film is aired.

It has been in production throughout this year. I was initially involved for a chilly day’s filming in February on the Thames (two victims were found on the river foreshore).

From magazine feature to book to TV

I could not imagine how all this would unfold when I signed a contract to write The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper in October 2016 (Mirror Books). The idea grew out of a feature I proposed for a true-crime magazine that Mirror Syndication were developing.

My argument was that the case – and victims – were largely forgotten today and it should be reviewed and remembered.

The magazine was eventually shelved, but I was able to develop the research I had for the article into a book. Following its publication, my research sparked further new findings about the unsolved 1960s murders of six women in west London.

The documentary team assembled high-quality experts to delve further into the case. I can’t talk about the film’s content, but anyone who thinks they know everything there is to know about the case should think again.

Dark Son is expected be broadcast in autumn 2018.

9 thoughts on “Final day shooting on Dark Son

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      i shall look forward with interest to this documentary: having read all there is to read on this mysterious case (except the recent nonsensical book on freddie mills as the killer, i could’nt face that)

      but i have my doubts as to the recent idea that Harold Jones was the killer, there are a number of problems with this idea, based on what is known of these crimes: i wonder if those issues will be addressed?

      • Author gravatar

        I take your point about Jones and the crimes, but I think the documentary will give you reasons to take a fresh look at the case.

    • Author gravatar

      i will reserve further comment until the i see the documentary, but my doubts are to do with matters of practicality, did he have the means/capability to carry out the crimes?

      but i look forward to the documentary, these unsolved murders have always fascinated me, and received a fair amount of attention in book form recently, but not so much on tv

    • Author gravatar

      saw the documentary ‘dark son’ on BBC iplayer today: thought i had missed it, as it did not appear on BBC tv as i was expecting, was only on BBC Wales apparently, but is available on the iplayer. very impressed generally, makes a much stronger case for Harold Jones as the murderer than i have previously seen: in particular, the insights into the similarities in the ‘signiture’ in the murders he committed in Wales, and the Hammersmith murders, was very interesting to me.

      Also very evocative to me, was that old newsreel footage, and fascinating to see some footage of John du Rose, from the tv interview he gave shortly before his retirement, which i have never seen before. also a photo of Helen Barthelemey i have not seen before (having been fascinated by this case for years, thought i had seen all the photos there were of the victims): i will watch it least a couple more times before it becomes unavailable on iplayer.

      and i hope the police see fit to look into the case once again, certainly i thought enough new information and leads were provided to justify that

      • Author gravatar

        From what I’ve heard, the highest levels of the Met have taken the programme seriously and been in touch with the producers. Watch this space for updates!

    • Author gravatar

      do you know if there are any plans to show this documentary more widely, as from what i understand it has only been shown on BBC Wales, and subsequently available on iplayer, but i would think it would be of interest to a wider audience?

      • Author gravatar

        It is due to be shown on BBC4. The date I have heard is 26 February, but I don’t think that is confirmed. However, it will certainly hit BBC4 at some point soon.

    • Author gravatar

      Sorry, apparently it’s Tuesday 12 February 9pm on BBC4.

    • Author gravatar

      thank you for that information, hopefully it being shown on bbc 4 may generate more comment about it

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