The Real Serpent – what will Channel 4 interview reveal?

In 2021, BBC One showed a compelling drama about real-life serial killer, conman and gem dealer Charles Sobhraj. Starring Tahar Rahim as Sobhraj, with Jenna Coleman as his girlfriend, it chillingly recounted how ‘The Serpent’ – as the series was called – hung out on the hippie trail in 1970s’ Bangkok, disarming young backpackers with his charm before drugging, robbing and murdering them. At the time of broadcast, Sobhraj, a Saigon-born French national, was still serving 18 years of a […]

Did police unmask the Hammersmith Nudes Killer – and cover it up?

Did certain Scotland Yard detectives discover the identity of the 1960s’ Hammersmith Nudes Killer and keep it a secret? That’s the mind-boggling question I’ve been asking myself after chatting with a forensics officer of the time who contacted me this week. Having written a book on the series of six murders and the ensuing failed investigation – The Hunt for the 60s’ Ripper – I received a message from a man called Anthony Phillips, who worked on the case while […]

British Murders podcast – how to research a true-crime book

Being interviewed on the British Murders podcast by Stuart Blues, I faced questions I rarely get asked. Stuart was interested in my background as a journalist and writer. He wanted to know how an author puts a non-fiction book together with research and interviews. Interviewing people is one of the fascinating aspects of writing books. I’ve been lucky to speak to former detectives, psychologists and profilers. Interviewing experts Stuart wanted to know if interviews always went well. No, they don’t. […]

Murder by the Sea – the book

Murder by the Sea is the CBS Reality series that launched in 2018. Around 100 episodes have been made, exploring murders in a variety of seaside settings. Towns by the sea offer an intriguing backdrop to such crimes. The seaside is where we go for a holiday, to enjoy a better quality of life, or to retire. What could go wrong amid the sunny beaches, funfairs and lovely views? From Blackpool to the Orkneys Plenty, of course. The larger resorts, […]

Voice of a Killer Special

Welcome to the new home of this blog, covering true-crime writing, books and other subjects. I moved it on Guy Fawkes day in the hope that it would arrive with a small bang at least – which is this trailer. It highlights a new series I took part in call Voice of a Killer Special on CBSReality. It is a fascinating look at killers under the pressure of police interrogation. I have a cameo at the end of the trailer, […]