Murder by the Sea: Danny Dyke

Buried in concrete

Of course Dyke, aged 31, was breaking the law and his dealing could have harmed the lives of those who bought his merchandise. But his fate, at the hands of builder and drug dealer John Welsby, who bought wholesale from Dyke, and nightclub bouncer John Wilson was chilling and brutal.

In 1994 Dyke drove to Wilson’s home near Swansea, apparently to collect money he was owed. Dyke was attacked and strangled with a kettle flex.

He was buried in a shallow grave, but Welsby worried it would be found, so he reburied it in a concrete coffin. But this still wasn’t secure enough, so the body was dug up again and burned on a bonfire.

Some cases on Murder by the Sea revolve around jealousy, some are murders within families. This one was a sobering narrative of a man thinking he could be a player in an extremely dangerous world.

Murder by the Sea, CBS Reality, Tuesdays 10pm

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